Directories Pro 1.1.21

v1.1.21 – AUG 23, 2018
– Bug fixed: Error on deactivating Directories – Payments plugin after Directories – Frontend plugin.
– Bug fixed: Error on Appearance -> Widgets on certain occasions.
– Bug fixed: Some issues with Multi-byte chars in directory page slug and WPML.
– Bug fixed: Error log not being generated in recent versions if debug mode disabled.
– Bug fixed: Sort options not showing when results are empty.
– Bug fixed: Some issues with searh form shortcode in widgets.
– Improved: Use default search radius setting of Location filter as search radius for “Search my location” geolocation search.
– Improved: Show map on mobile devices when map position is set to Top.
– Improved: “directory” shortcode parameter no longer a required parameter.
– Improved: Compatibility with 3rd party plugins.
– Improved: Export/Import Time type field values in local time instead of GMT.
– Improved: Allow query date/time fields by local date/time instead of GMT in view settings.
– Updated: FontAwesome icons to v5.2.0.

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