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  • Directories Pro 1.2.63

    v1.2.63 – Sep 13, 2019 – Added: New “Review Published” notification sent to listing authors. – Added: Option to show checkbox form field (ON/OFF type field) as toggle switch button. – Added: New Spanish language files (thanks to TodoPerros). – Improved: Allow specifying default term for Category/Location selection search field.

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  • Directories Pro 1.2.62

    v1.2.62 – Sep 6, 2019 – Bug fixed: [drts-entity] with “id” parameter not working since v1.2.60. – Bug fixed: Some issues with Enfold theme. – Bug fixed: Language files for Date type field not being loaded in recent versions. – Improved: Do not show add listing button on directory dashboard page when frontend submit feature […]

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  • Directories Pro 1.2.61

    v1.2.61 – AUG 29, 2019 – Bug fixed: Issue with PHP 7.1 or up in v1.2.60.

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  • Directories Pro 1.2.60

    v1.2.60 – AUG 28, 2019 – Added: Options to configure custom tile URL and map attribution for OpenStreetMap map provider. – Added: Option to skip cart/checkout pages when adding or claiming listings with free payment plan. – Added: Option to expire payment plans when WooCommerce Memberships membership becomes inactive. – Added: New “Text range input […]

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  • Directories Pro 1.2.59

    v1.2.59 – AUG 14, 2019 – Bug fixed: Missing CSS class causing layout issue when grid layout is disabled in List view mode since v1.2.58. – Bug fixed: Title and Listing Description fields still showing up in frontend even when disabled in payment plan settings.

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  • Directories Pro 1.2.58

    v1.2.58 – AUG 12, 2019 – Bug fixed: Additional features for listings with subscription payment plan could not be saved from backend. – Bug fixed: “Load more button” pagination not working when grid layout disabled in List view mode. – Bug fixed: Some display issues with Video type field. – Bug fixed: Some JavaScript issues […]

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  • Directories Pro 1.2.57

    v1.2.57 – AUG 6, 2019 – Added: Option to disable media buttons for “WordPress editor” form field type. – Added: Option to remove protocol (http/https) for URL type field. – Added: Option to disable fancy dropdown for taxonomy term, Choice, and Time type field filters. – Bug fixed: Dashboard panel names in backend settings not […]

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  • Directories Pro 1.2.56

    v1.2.56 – JUL 20, 2019 – Added: Option to show pricing table on add/claim listing page (Directories -> Settings -> Payment). – Added: Option to show checkboxes/radios in multiple columns for Categories, Locations, Tags, and Choice type field filters. – Bug fixed: Login/register form not displayed to guest users when no guest information is required […]

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  • Directories Pro 1.2.55

    v1.2.55 – JUL 16, 2019 – Bug fixed: No payment plan option description not showing up when claiming listings. – Bug fixed: Map markers not being displayed on map on certain occasions. – Bug fixed: Some PHP date format settings in WordPress not working correctly in date picker form field. – Added: drts_location_address_search_max_radius filter hook […]

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  • Directories Pro 1.2.54

    v1.2.54 – JUL 2, 2019 – Added: Option to set no payment plan option description. – Bug fixed: Categories could not be saved in backend when hierarchical dropdown option enabled for “Categories” field. – Bug fixed: Default field renderer for “Time” type field showing day of week and end time even when disabled in field […]

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  • Directories Pro 1.2.53

    v1.2.53 – JUN 25, 2019 – Added: Option to link review images to listings. – Improved: Compatibility with some themes. – Improved: “Secondary sort order” option in view settings no longer needs to be one of options selected for “Sort options”. – Bug fixed: Listings without reviews not showing up when sorted by review rating. […]

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  • Directories Pro 1.2.52

    v1.2.52 – JUN 20, 2019 – Improved: Video type field now accepts video URLs in addition to video IDs. – Bug fixed: Random sort order not working properly on certain occasions. – Bug fixed: Facebook App ID not included in OpenGraph meta tags even when configured in settings.

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