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  • Directories Pro 1.3.25

    v1.3.25 – Aug 14, 2020 – Bug fixed: Map not showing when location address field placed inside accordion tab. – Bug fixed: Display issues with checkboxes in the backend.

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  • Directories Pro 1.3.24

    v1.3.24 – Aug 5, 2020 – Added: Option to hide certain terms from taxonomy term filter. – Added: Support for “price”, “priceCurrency”, “priceRange” properties with “Price” type field. – Bug fixed: Upload form field for “Image” and “File” type fields not working properly when no field label. – Bug fixed: bbPress forum roles showing […]

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  • Directories Pro 1.3.23

    v1.3.23 – Jul 29, 2020 – Added: Option to disable default “Title” field and auto-populate title with value of another field. – Added: “Static map renderer” for “Location” and “Map” type fields (requires Google Maps Static API). – Bug fixed: Accordion tabs on add listing/review form unexpectedly submitting form when clicked. – Bug fixed: Issue […]

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  • Directories Pro 1.3.22

    v1.3.22 – Jul 22, 2020 – Added: Option to show checkbox options in popup for “Choice” type field. – Bug fixed: Modal popup header display issue since v1.3.20.

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  • Directories Pro 1.3.20/1.3.21

    v1.3.20/1.3.21 – Jul 21, 2020 – Added: “Multi-select field” form field type for category and tag fields. – Bug fixed: Error when submitting lost password form with invalid username or email. – Bug fixed: Error when using %author_name% token for “Text” display element on certain occasion. – Improved: Compatibility with several themes.

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  • Directories Pro 1.3.19

    v1.3.19 – Jul 12, 2020 – Added: Option to show/hide lost password link in login form. – Added: Option to customize lost password e-mail. – Added: “Email”, “URL”, “Phone Number” type fields to “Extra fields to search” setting for “Keyword Search” field. – Bug fixed: Issue displaying photo slider with fixed height. – Bug fixed: […]

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  • Directories Pro 1.3.18

    v1.3.18 – Jul 5, 2020 – Bug fixed: Some issues with listing expiration feature added since v1.3.17. – Bug fixed: “Button” display element ignoring “Display as single dropdown” setting when only 1 button to display. – Bug fixed: “Slug (post_slug)” field could not be imported. – Added: German (de_CH) language files (thanks to Martin Sauter).

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  • Directories Pro 1.3.17

    v1.3.17 – Jul 3, 2020 – New: Ability to set expiration date for non-paid listings (see Listing Expiry). – Added: Support for Koko Analytics and WP Statistics plugins for displaying view count. – Bug fixed: Verify account feature not working unless “Blacklist or whitelist email domains” setting switched on. – Bug fixed: Some issues counting […]

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  • Directories Pro 1.3.16

    v1.3.16 – Jun 23, 2020 – New: Ability to define custom taxonomies and enable them per directory (see Custom Taxonomies). – Added: New filter for “Single Line Text”, “Email”, “URL”, “Phone” type fields for displaying content items based on whether or not field has been entered. – Bug fixed: Non-published payment plans showing up in […]

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  • Directories Pro 1.3.15

    v1.3.15 – Jun 5, 2020 – Bug fixed: Several issues with subscription payment plan renewal/cancellation. – Bug fixed: Conditional rules not working properly with multi-select list field. – Bug fixed: Issue with filter form in map fullscreen mode since v1.3.12. – Added: “_current_user_” parameter option for “Author” field to conditionally show/hide field/content/filter by current user. […]

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  • Directories Pro 1.3.14

    v1.3.14 – May 27, 2020 – New: Email verification feature for new user registrations. – Added: Option to show label for add item button on dashboard page. – Added: Options to set color and custom button label for pricing table. – Added: Option to sort taxonomy terms by term content count. – Added: New DRTS_FRONTENDSUBMIT_LOGIN_DISABLE […]

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  • Directories Pro 1.3.13

    v1.3.13 – May 14, 2020 – Added: Options to include items with earlier/later date values for “Date” type field filter. – Added: Options to show top level or top level parent terms only for taxonomy term field renderer. – Bug fixed: Several display issues on single taxonomy term page since v1.3.12. – Bug fixed: “Visible […]

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