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  • Directories Pro 1.1.31

    v1.1.31 – OCT 8, 2018 – Bug fixed: Template override not working. – Bug fixed: Post parent field not selectable when importing reviews. – Bug fixed: HTML tags in custom address display format not working since 1.1.30. – Improved: CSV importer compatibility with CSV files exported by Sabai Directory. – Reverted: Custom address display format […]

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  • Directories Pro 1.1.30

    v1.1.30 – OCT 2, 2018 – Bug fixed: Error when creating a new Location type field, since v1.1.29.

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  • Directories Pro 1.1.29

    v1.1.29 – SEP 30, 2018 – Bug fixed: Search related issues with listings that have multiple location addresses. – Bug fixed: Configuration form for HTML/JavaScript elements not rendering correctly in backend Manage Fields and Manage Filters sections. – Bug fixed: Field description not showing for Image type field with media manager. – Bug fixed: Default […]

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  • Directories Pro 1.1.28

    v1.1.28 – SEP 24, 2018 – Bug fixed: Empty search results on certain occasion when taxonomy name search enabled for keyword search. – Improved: More HTML classes added to individual posts and terms.

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  • Directories Pro 1.1.26/1.1.27

    v1.1.26/1.1.27 – SEP 22, 2018 – Bug fixed: Confirmation message not showing when Gravity Forms contact form submitted. – Bug fixed: Duplicate listing/review pending notification messages. – Improved: Added 1/6 column width to “Column” display element. – Improved: Removed alphanumeric and underscore character restriction from Choice type field option values. – Improved: More compatibility issues […]

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  • Directories Pro 1.1.24/1.1.25

    v1.1.24/1.1.25 – SEP 7, 2018 – Bug fixed: Labels display element settings always showing default values even when updated. – Bug fixed: Category icon not showing up properly on category pages since v1.1.23. – Added: Support for Responsive Lightbox & Gallery plugin to display images/photos in lightbox window.

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  • Directories Pro 1.1.23

    v1.1.23 – AUG 31, 2018 – Bug fixed: Invalid “read more” link when displaying excerpt. – Bug fixed: Enable time option not working with Date type field. – Improved: Added %author_name% to list of available tokens for Text display element.

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  • Directories Pro 1.1.22

    v1.1.22 – AUG 28, 2018 – Bug fixed: Use home_url() instead of site_url() for redirection URL to prevent 404 error on certain occasions. – Added: drts_core_no_img_src filter for replacing default no-image image. – Improved: Font Awesome icon library compatibility with some themes. – Improved: Compatibility with certain hosting providers.

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  • Directories Pro 1.1.21

    v1.1.21 – AUG 23, 2018 – Bug fixed: Error on deactivating Directories – Payments plugin after Directories – Frontend plugin. – Bug fixed: Error on Appearance -> Widgets on certain occasions. – Bug fixed: Some issues with Multi-byte chars in directory page slug and WPML. – Bug fixed: Error log not being generated in recent […]

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  • Directories Pro 1.1.20

    v1.1.20 – AUG 11, 2018 – Improved: Display issues with dropdown and date/time picker filters inside modal window. – Improved: Auto-complete WooCommerce orders when payment is complete. – Improved: Compatibility issues with 3rd party plugins. – Bug fixed: Filter form widget not showing up on certain occasions. – Bug fixed: “Open Now” label not showing […]

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  • Directories Pro 1.1.19

    v1.1.19 – AUG 4, 2018 – Bug fixed: Some issues with quick/bulk edit posts. – Improved: Allow users with “Delete others Claims” to approve/reject any claim. – Added: New “Sync taxonomy terms” system tool.

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  • Directories Pro 1.1.17/1.1.18

    v1.1.17/1.1.18 – AUG 1, 2018 – Bug fixed: Keyword search not searching fields selected in “Extra fields to include in search” setting. – Improved: Use Location taxonomy term labels instead of address component data returned by Google Maps API for PostalAddress addressLocality/addressRegion properties in JSON-LD. – Improved: Make phone numbers clickable by default on mobile […]

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