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  • Directories Pro 1.2.92

    v1.2.92 – Feb 11, 2020 – Bug fixed: Upgrade payment plan option not displayed on frontend dashboard page when only “Subscription” payment plans available (no “Base” payment plans). – Bug fixed: Icon picker trying to show FontAwesome Pro icons since v1.2.87. – Bug fixed: Some issues when re-displaying ACF fields on form submission error. – […]

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  • Directories Pro 1.2.91

    v1.2.91 – Feb 7, 2020 – Bug fixed: Dropdown buttons not working properly since v1.2.90. – Bug fixed: Fix issue with “Scroll to item on marker click” option when sticky map disabled. – Bug fixed: Some issues displaying comments in “Summary” display. – Improved: RTL language compatibility.

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  • Directories Pro 1.2.90

    v1.2.90 – Feb 6, 2020 – Added: Options to set “rel” and “target” attributes for “Button” display element custom buttons. – Improved: Allow sorting of content items by “ON/OFF” type field. – Bug fixed: Search form button and browser back button issue with Safari. – Bug fixed: Checkbox and radio button form fields not clickable […]

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  • Directories Pro 1.2.89

    v1.2.89 – Jan 31, 2020 – Improved: Add option to filter by subscription payment plans on backend “All Listings” page. – Improved: Tooltips for map control buttons are now translatable. – Added: Option to show custom filter group in “Directories: Filter Form” widget. – Added: Missing “sort_payment_plans” and “sort_payment_plans_order” parameters for [drts-directory-view] shortcode. – Bug […]

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  • Directories Pro 1.2.87/1.2.88

    Please make sure to run both the “Reload components” and “Clear cache” tools from Directories -> System -> Tools after updating the plugins! v1.2.87/1.2.88 – Jan 28, 2020 – Added: Support for FontAwesome Pro (see FAQ for instructions). – Added: Italian (it_IT) language files (thanks to @cobraone72). – Added: Option to skip cart page and […]

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  • Directories Pro 1.2.86

    v1.2.86 – Jan 21, 2020 – Bug fixed: Map not displayed when initially hidden inside secondary tab or accordion. – Bug fixed: Featured listings not un-featured after expiration since one of recent updates. – Bug fixed: ACF field error not stopping form submission and saving posts as draft. – Bug fixed: Post and term titles […]

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  • Directories Pro 1.2.85

    v1.2.85 – Jan 15, 2020 – Bug fixed: Field settings not showing up when selecting “Checkboxes” form field type for taxonomy term fields since recent updates. – Bug fixed: Field prefix/suffix for “Single Line Text” and “Number” type fields were not translatable through WPML. – Bug fixed: Filter button being displayed even when there is […]

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  • Directories Pro 1.2.84

    v1.2.84 – Jan 6, 2020 – Improved: For listings with multiple locations, show locations only that matched search/filter query in search results instead of showing all locations. – Bug fixed: Duplicated fields showing up in “Manage Fields” section on certain occasions. – Bug fixed: Dashboard panels not showing up on Ultimate Member profile page since […]

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  • Directories Pro 1.2.83

    v1.2.83 – Dec 21, 2019 – Improved: Allow guest users to claim listings if signup on checkout enabled and guest checkout disabled in WooCommerce. – Improved: Add option to create non-existent location taxonomy terms when importing listings. – Bug fixed: Listings not showing up in search results on certain occasion when searching by current user […]

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  • Directories Pro 1.2.82

    v1.2.82 – Dec 13, 2019 – Bug fixed: Error with ACF fields when using [drts-add-directory-listing-form] shortcode with Elementor. – Bug fixed: HTML tags not being stripped off from post titles. – Improved: Load geolocation data tool to work with not only default “Location” field but also with “Location” type custom fields. – Improved: Show delete […]

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  • Directories Pro 1.2.80/1.2.81

    v1.2.80/1.2.81 – Dec 3, 2019 – Added: Support for User Verification plugin to require e-mail verification or manual approval for activating newly registered user accounts. – Bug fixed: Logout button always shown on dashboard page since v1.2.77. – Bug fixed: Lost/reset password pages not working when using [drts-frontend-login] shortcode. – Bug fixed: More issues with […]

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  • Directories Pro 1.2.79

    v1.2.79 – Nov 27, 2019 – Bug fixed: Additional number of categories/tags purchased through add-on payment plans not being applied correctly on certain occasion. – Bug fixed: Videos uploaded through “File” type field not showing up correctly in frontend with shortcode when page requested via AJAX. – Bug fixed: Price setting fields not showing up […]

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