Directories Pro 1.14.3

v1.14.3 – Apr 29, 2024
Bug fixed: {country} tag for customizing address format not showing correct value on certain occasion.
Bug fixed: Invalid response error in Gutenberg editor when using Directories Pro shortcodes.
Bug fixed: “Invalid view” error with “Reviews” display element on certain occasions.
Bug fixed: Deprecated level errors for PHP8 and up.
Improved: Compatibility with other plugins using Slick JavaScript slider library.
Improved: Compatibility with Yoast SEO and Rank Math breadcrumbs.
Added: Option to customize “Not found” text shown on frontend directory dashboard.
Added: z-index CSS setting to “Group” and “Columns” display elements under “Advanced” tab.
Added: Option to define disallowed HTML tags for “Paragraph Text” field display element.
Added: Option to limit/exclude time ranges for “Opening Hours” type field.

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