Directories Pro 1.2.13/1.2.14

v1.2.13/1.2.14 – DEC 14, 2018
– New: Support for multiple “Summary” displays, lets you optionally use a different display for each view.
– Bug fixed: Payment related database tables not being deleted during uninstall on certain occasion.
– Bug fixed: Post status of claims submitted by non-admin users not possible to approve/reject on order complete.
– Bug fixed: Dashboard panels not showing correct content on My Account page on certain occasion.
– Bug fixed: Voting Rating display element showing raw JavaScript code in “Summary” display when “Read only” option disabled.
– Bug fixed: Some strings not translatable through WPML String Translation.
– Bug fixed: Hide post count option for auto-suggest taxonomy terms in keyword search form field not working.
– Bud fixed: Duplicate “Max file size” setting for Image type field.
– Bug fixed: Some PHP errors.
– Added: Field renderer (display element) for displaying modified date of posts.
– Added: New constant DRTS_RECAPTCHA_DISABLE to force disable reCAPTCHA on forms.
– Improved: Directories – Listings widget to show taxonomy term specific listings on single taxonomy term pages.
– Improved: Redirect to frontend dashboard page after login if frontend dashboard enabled.

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