Directories Pro 1.2.16/1.2.17

v1.2.16/1.2.17 – JAN 4, 2019
– Bug fixed: Warning error on edit listing page when conditional fields enabled since v1.2.15.
– Bug fixed: Fatal error on displaying listing payment orders on a certain occasion.
– Bug fixed: Only “True” alert message shown when number of uploaded files exceeds maximum allowed.
– Bug fixed: “_current_” option for taxonomy term fields in query settings of views not working on single term pages.
– Bug fixed: Auto-suggest taxonomy terms in search form not working since v1.2.15.
– Added: {latitude} {longitude} {timezone} tags to location address field renderer.
– Added: Option to configure message (HTML) shown by views when no items found.
– Improved: Redirect to frontend dashboard page when trying to view login page while logged in.

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