Directories Pro 1.2.22

v1.2.22 – JAN 28, 2019
– New: BuddyPress plugin profile page integration.
– New: Ultimate Member plugin profile page integration.
– New: PeepSo plugin profile page integration.
– Improved: Frontend dashboard can now show public content of any user.
– Improved: Login/Registration page setting can be empty in Settings -> Pages.
– Improved: Compatibility with WPML string translation.
– Added: Option to set number of columns for taxonomy term checkbox field.
– Added: Query by Video type field for views.
– Bug fixed: Photoslider view mode skipping content item if no image.
– Bug fixed: Upload max file size showing incorrect value on certain occasion.
– Bug fixed: Choice type field options were checked by default.
– Bug fixed: Max/Min text length restriction not working properly for Single Line Text and Paragraph Text type fields.
– Bug fixed: Display elements being hidden on the admin Manage Displays page on certain occasion.
– Bug fixed: Some settings for Single Line Text type field not showing when editing.

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