Directories Pro 1.2.29

v1.2.29 – MAR 8, 2019
– Added: Option to set payment plan renewal period in Directories -> Settings -> Payment.
– Added: Option to hide post title for each listing in “Directories: Directory – Listings” widget.
– Added: Option to set default value for Single Line Text, Paragraph Text, Number, URL, Email, Phone Number type fields.
– Added: Option to set placeholder text for Single Line Text, URL, Email, Phone Number type fields.
– Improved: Required fields no longer required when hidden by field conditional rules.
– Improved: Compatibility with Total theme page options and custom single item page.
– Improved: Sort listings by review ratings instead of vote ratings in frontend dashboard if reviews enabled.
– Bug fixed: Conditional field rules not working properly on certain occasion.
– Bug fixed: Display element for Reference type custom fields not showing up on certain occasion.
– Bug fixed: Custom button link of Button display element not honoring custom permalink URL settings.
– Bug fixed: Some default fields could not be disabled since recent updates.
– Updated: French translation files.

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