Directories Pro 1.2.42

v1.2.42 – MAY 12, 2019
– Added: New carousel slider view mode.
– Added: “Claimed” listing label.
– Added: Cache settings for displays rendered by view.
– Added: New “Post Reference” field to relate WordPress posts with posts/terms in Directories Pro.
– Bug fixed: Lost/reset password pages not working when using [drts-frontend-login] shortcode.
– Bug fixed: HTML tags shown in form error messages.
– Bug fixed: Reference type field importing/exporting single value only.
– Bug fixed: JSON-LD settings not saving some properties on certain occasion.
– Bug fixed: Match All option not working for taxonomy term filters.
– Bug fixed: ACF field values not being saved in the frontend on certain occasion.
– Improved: Generate “Featured Listings”, “Map”, “Recent Listings” views when directory created.
– Improved: Compatibility with Bridge, Publisher, JupiterX themes.

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