Directories Pro 1.2.5/1.2.6

v1.2.5/1.2.6 – NOV 6, 2018
– Bug fixed: Edit post link in dashboard not working when using [drts-dashboard] shortcode.
– Bug fixed: Google Maps Timezone API using browser key causing error when referrer restriction enabled.
– Bug fixed: “Scroll to item on marker click” option could not be disabled.
– Bug fixed: Location filter causing filter form to submit twice.
– Bug fixed: Some issues with storing Time type field values.
– Bug fixed: Some more JavaScript compatibility issues with themes.
– Bug fixed: Duplicate auto-suggestions in keyword search field.
– Bug fixed: Restricting form field visibility by user roles causing field values to disappear on certain occasions.
– Bug fixed: Google Maps type/style settings keep reverting back.
– Bug fixed: Shortcodes in notifications not working properly.
– Improved: Added option to enable/disable fields to be displayed inline for Field List display element.
– Improved: Added option to trim trailing zeros for Number type field.
– Added: New tool to adjust Time type field values.

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