Directories Pro 1.2.57

v1.2.57 – AUG 6, 2019
– Added: Option to disable media buttons for “WordPress editor” form field type.
– Added: Option to remove protocol (http/https) for URL type field.
– Added: Option to disable fancy dropdown for taxonomy term, Choice, and Time type field filters.
– Bug fixed: Dashboard panel names in backend settings not being reflected in frontend.
– Bug fixed: Error when deactivating WooCommerce Subscriptions when one or more subscription payment plans active.
– Bug fixed: Directory pages not editable with Elementor editor.
– Bug fixed: Search form not able to submit search for fields disabled in default search form settings.
– Bug fixed: ACF field group setting for “ACF Field” display element reverting back to default.
– Improved: Show error when entering text longer than 255 characters for option values in Choice type field.
– Improved: Save CSV import field mapping settings for later re-use.
– Improved: Show better error message when importing images/files for Image/File type fields.
– Improved: Add “alt” attribute to map marker images.

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