Directories Pro 1.2.58

v1.2.58 – AUG 12, 2019
– Bug fixed: Additional features for listings with subscription payment plan could not be saved from backend.
– Bug fixed: “Load more button” pagination not working when grid layout disabled in List view mode.
– Bug fixed: Some display issues with Video type field.
– Bug fixed: Some JavaScript issues with Choice type field.
– Bug fixed: “Open link in” setting not appearing when “Link to Google Maps” setting switched on for Location field display element.
– Improved: Subscription payment plans can now be upgraded/downgraded without cancelling current subscription.
– Improved: Do not show login/register page if custom login/registration forms not enabled and no guest info required.
– Improved: Hide payment plans restricted by WooCommerce Memberships membership if no valid membership when adding listings.

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