Directories Pro 1.2.76

v1.2.76 – Nov 13, 2019
– Bug fixed: Character validation options for “Paragraph Text” type field not working correctly.
– Bug fixed: Some issues with “Text range input” filter for “Number” and “Range” type fields.
– Bug fixed: Some display issues when using custom “Image” type field as default icon field for categories.
– Improved: Hide contact form if no recipient e-mail address.
– Improved: Compatibility with BuddyPress 5.0.
– Improved: Added some missing phrases in French language files.
– Improved: Show payment plan name and expiration date for each listing on “All Listings” page in admin dashboard.
– Improved: Show pending listing/review/claim counts for each directory in admin dashboard sidebar.
– Improved: Use some new functions in WordPress 5.3 when possible.
– Added: Option to enable center mode for slider displayed in “Carousel” view mode.

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