Directories Pro 1.2.87/1.2.88

Please make sure to run both the “Reload components” and “Clear cache” tools from Directories -> System -> Tools after updating the plugins!

v1.2.87/1.2.88 – Jan 28, 2020
– Added: Support for FontAwesome Pro (see FAQ for instructions).
– Added: Italian (it_IT) language files (thanks to @cobraone72).
– Added: Option to skip cart page and go straight to checkout.
– Bug fixed: Dashboard panels not honoring dashboard panel sort order settings when displayed on WooCommerce “My Account” page.
– Bug fixed: Some issues with URL routing when custom permalink URL includes “index.php”.
– Bug fixed: User being redirected to add listing page of wrong directory after login on certain occasion.
– Bug fixed: Error ordering add-on payment plans for subscription payment plan.

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