Directories Pro 1.3.10/1.3.11

v1.3.10/1.3.11 – Apr 24, 2020
– Bug fixed: “No payment plan” option could not be selected when submitting listings with Draft status from frontend directory dashboard.
– Bug fixed: Display issue with “Field List” display element since v1.3.9.
– Bug fixed: Some issues with “Field List”, “Group”, “Tabs”, “Columns” display elements in backend.
– Bug fixed: “Date” type field not showing correct date on certain occasion.
– Bug fixed: Some field settings not imported when importing directory settings.
– Bug fixed: Hierarchical dropdown fields not loading options automatically when editing listings since v1.3.8.
– Bug fixed: “Bottom” option for “Map position” setting in view settings not working properly.
– Improved: Some display issues with “Carousel slider” view mode.
– Improved: French and Spanish language files.

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