Directories Pro 1.3.12

v1.3.12 – May 4, 2020
– Added: Option to set fixed slider height when using “Photo slider” field renderer for “Image” type field.
– Added: Option to enable/disable/sort/rename “Change password” and “Delete account” pages for “Account” dashboard panel.
– Added: Option to use Masonry JavaScript library for “Masonry” view mode.
– Improved: Compatibility with “Rank Math SEO” plugin breadcrumbs.
– Bug fixed: “ItemReviewed” schema property displayed for unsupported schema types.
– Bug fixed: Error when deleting listings or reviews on frontend dashboard page on certain occasion when filters enabled in dashboard.
– Bug fixed: Display issue with reCAPTCHA form field when using reCAPTCHA v2.
– Bug fixed: Some issues with hierarchy dropdown fields and conditional rules.
– Bug fixed: Compatibility with “Category Order and Taxonomy Terms Order” plugin broken since v1.3.10.
– Bug fixed: 6 columns option not working with “Masonry” view mode.
– Bug fixed: Filter for “Opening Hours” field disappeared from available filter list.

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