Directories Pro 1.3.15

v1.3.15 – Jun 5, 2020
– Bug fixed: Several issues with subscription payment plan renewal/cancellation.
– Bug fixed: Conditional rules not working properly with multi-select list field.
– Bug fixed: Issue with filter form in map fullscreen mode since v1.3.12.
– Added: “_current_user_” parameter option for “Author” field to conditionally show/hide field/content/filter by current user.
– Added: “%date_published%”” and “%date_modified%” tags for “Text” display element.
– Added: “Name” type field support for “Extra fields to include in search” feature of “Keyword Search” search field.
– Improved: Compatibility with Flatsome theme.
– Deprecated: Official support for “User Verification” plugin in favor of email verification feature added since v1.3.14.

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