Directories Pro 1.3.36

v1.3.36 – Oct 10, 2020
– Added: “Text input”, “Slider input”, “Range list” filters for “Price” type field.
– Added: Option to set gutter width of images displayed with “Default” field renderer for “Image” type field.
– Added: Option to disable auto scroll after submitting filter form.
– Bug fixed: Some CSS/JS issues in backend when Email verification feature of Directories Frontend plugin enabled.
– Bug fixed: YouTube video controls not displayed with “Video” type field default renderer.
– Improved: Allow guest checkout not only when user registration but also login enabled on WooCommerce checkout page.
– Improved: Some display issues with “Photo Slider” view mode.
– Improved: Add “_current_” support for “Choice” type field in “Query by field” setting of view.

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