Directories Pro 1.3.43/1.3.44/1.3.45

v1.3.43/1.3.44/1.3.45 – Nov 20, 2020
– Bug fixed: Listings being deactivated when expired even when “None” selected for “Action after payment plan expiration” setting.
– Bug fixed: Some issues with Contact Form 7 special mail tags.
– Bug fixed: Custom “Location” type field could not be exported.
– Bug fixed: “Price” type field could not be exported/imported.
– Bug fixed: Conditional rules for default “Listing Description” field not working properly on certain occasion.
– Added: Option to specify decimal point character when importing “Number” type field.
– Added: Option to choose currency symbol position for “Price” type field renderer.
– Improved: Enable usage of tags for “Tab” display element label.

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