Directories Pro 1.3.47

v1.3.47 – Dec 7, 2020
– Added: Option to show filter form on mobile devices only for default view.
– Added: Option to hide “Directories: Filter Form” widget on mobile devices.
– Added: Option to disable link on map infobox title.
– Added: Option to show or hide tab/column when no content to show for “Tab” and “Column” display elements.
– Bug fixed: Some display issues with carousel slider on small screen devices.
– Bug fixed: Map infobox in “Map” view mode ignoring “Select display” setting in view settings since recent v1.3.41.
– Bug fixed: “Date” type field exporting/importing system date instead of site date.
– Bug fixed: Security fix in v1.3.45 causing issue when importing CSV files with BOM character.
– Improved: Exclude listings without lat/lng coordinates in “Map” view mode.
– Improved: Compatibility with “The SEO Framework” plugin.

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