Directories Pro 1.3.14

v1.3.14 – May 27, 2020
– New: Email verification feature for new user registrations.
– Added: Option to show label for add item button on dashboard page.
– Added: Options to set color and custom button label for pricing table.
– Added: Option to sort taxonomy terms by term content count.
– Added: New DRTS_FRONTENDSUBMIT_LOGIN_DISABLE constant to force disable custom login/registration features.
– Added: Option to disable “the_content” filter for “Listing Description” and “Review” fields (wp_post_content).
– Bug fixed: “Account” dashboard panel ignoring backend custom label/sort settings.
– Bug fixed: Some display issues with “Photo slider” field renderer for “Image” type field since v1.3.13.
– Bug fixed: “Add more” button not working for fields without field label.
– Bug fixed: Bookmark button icon not displayed to guest users.
– Bug fixed: Fatal error when querying listings by tags on certain occasion.
– Bug fixed: Some issues with taxonomy terms and WPML.
– Bug fixed: “Show parent terms” setting for taxonomy term field renderer not working since v1.3.13.

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