Directories Pro 1.3.17

v1.3.17 – Jul 3, 2020
– New: Ability to set expiration date for non-paid listings (see Listing Expiry).
– Added: Support for Koko Analytics and WP Statistics plugins for displaying view count.
– Bug fixed: Verify account feature not working unless “Blacklist or whitelist email domains” setting switched on.
– Bug fixed: Some issues counting bookmarks and votes on certain occasion.
– Bug fixed: “Date” type field clear button not working since recent version.
– Bug fixed: Field description not showing for some field types when “Hide label” setting switched on.
– Bug fixed: “Link to Google Maps” setting for “Location” field type “Default” field renderer not working properly on certain devices.
– Improved: Compatibility with Uncode theme when using single item page feature.
– Updated: Bootstrap CSS/JS framework to v4.5.0.

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