Listing Expiry

The listing expiry feature lets you set an expiration date for each listing either automatically or manually.

Note: If your directory has payment features enabled, then listings with a payment plan will expire according to the duration setting configured for the payment plan assigned.

Enable listing expiry for your directory

To enable the listing expiration feature for listings in your directory, follow these steps:

  1. Login to your website if not yet logged in and go to the WordPress administration dashboard.

  2. Click Directories in the admin sidebar.

  3. Under the All Directories tab, click the gear icon in the row of the directory to edit.

  4. Under the Content Types tab, click the Edit button in the Listing row.

  5. Scroll down to the Listing Expiry section.

    Enable expiration date - Switch this setting on to enable the expiration feature.

    Default expiration period - Use this setting to automatically set an expiration date for listings submitted from the frontend. Set this setting to "Unlimited day(s)" if you do not want listings to have an expiration date set automatically.

  6. Scroll down and press Save Changes.

Manually setting or changing an expiration date

Once you have enabled the listing expiry feature in your directory, you will see the following Exp. Date metabox appear on the add/edit listing page in the backend.

Click on the text field to select an expiration date or click the x icon in the text field to remove the date.

In case you are not seeing the Exp. Date metabox on the add/edit listing page, go to Directories -> Your Directory -> Settings and press Save Changes.

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