System Info, Tools, and Logs

The System section of Directories Pro provides useful information and tools which will help you with day-to-day maintenance of your directories and debugging errors. Go to Directories -> System in the backend to view the section.

System Info

The system info section lets you view the system information of your server, WordPress, and the current status of Directories Pro components.


  • Reload components

    This tool will reload all components to ensure they are in sync with stored data. Make sure to run this tool after updating one or more of Directories Pro plugins.

  • Clear cache

    This tool will clear settings and content currently cached. This tool will also let you reload content field and taxonomy term cache. Use this tool if you find old or inconsistent data being displayed for your directory.

  • Run cron

    Use this tool to manually run cron. This tool will force run all cron tasks currently registered by Directories Pro.

  • Clear log files

    This tool will clear all log files saved under /wp-content/drts/System/logs.

  • Recount posts

    This tool will recount the number of posts associated with each content item. If you find inconsistencies with the number of posts for taxonomy terms and/or the number of reviews for listings, run this tool.

    Usually, you will also want to clear taxonomy and/or field cache using the Clear cache tool after running this tool

  • Recalculate review ratings

    This tool will recalculate review ratings for each content item.

  • Load geolocation data

    This tool will load geolocation data (lat/lng coordinates and timezone) of each content item if currently empty. Use this tool if one or more listings in your directories do not have any geolocation data assigned.


  • Error log

    Any error occurred while running Directories Pro will logged to an error log file saved as /wp-content/drts/System/logs/error.log. Errors are always logged even when the debug mode of WordPress is turned off.

  • Debug log

    Debug level messages useful for debugging or testing Directories Pro are logged to /wp-content/drts/System/logs/debug.log when the debug mode of WordPress is turned on.

For details on WordPress debug mode, see

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